Cyber Infrastructure

Project Team

Project Lead: Eoin Howlett (RPS)

CO-PIs: Brian McKenna (RPS), Kelly Knee (RPS)

Collaborators: Dr. Rick Luettich (UNC); Reid Nichols (SURA)

Federal Partners: Becky Baltes (NOAA), Derrick Snowden (NOAA)

Project Overview and Results

The cyberinfrastructure (CI) team is focused on facilitating data discovery and access. Currently the CI team is developing a COMT landing page to be hosted at This page will include an overview of COMT as a whole and individual project landing pages containing descriptions of the projects, associated archive data, and references. Each project page will also link to individual dataset summary pages that provide basic information about the dataset and links for access. The COMT team also manages the data repository using a THREDDS catalog. This repository is populated by the PIs with the assistance of the CI team. A data upload tool has been developed to facilitate the process of providing data for the repository. The CI team also developed and hosts a map-based viewer that allows users to visualize and perform basic plotting and analysis of the COMT project data. Finally, the CI team maintains and enhance sciWMS, a python WMS service for gridded data. Planned enhancements for Year 4 include updated color schemes and scales as well as support for 3D cross-sections.

COMT DM Plan Feb 6 2018